Displaying Lyrics on Android


I’m looking for a way to synchronize displaying lyrics on an Android device with Cantabile. Alternatively I could a HDMI port to drive a monitor.

I thought of using Cantabile’s notes with a remote display app, but I need the notes pages for my own use.

Has anyone done something like this?


@Torsten Ecke has a great solution he created here :

Cantabile and LivePrompter - now better together!



Thanx @dave_dore for mentioning LivePrompter. Unfortunately, LivePrompter doesn’t support Android - it’s Windows only. But you can get cheap Windows tablets / convertibles for around 110 EUR (just bought some used/refurbished TrekStor SurfTabs for that price) - good investment if you’re looking for a dedicated device for lyrics & chords display.

You can find more info @ www.liveprompter.com




You could also run LivePrompter on your Cantabile machine (connected via loopMIDI) and use a connected HDMI monitor to display it. But the solution with a separate Windows tablet may actually be cheaper - and a portrait display works better for lyrics scrolling than landscape.

Just give LivePrompter a try on your Cantabile machine - it’s free anyway…




Torsten -

This is really excellent and exactly the kind of solution I was looking for. Thanks so much for having done this and making it freely available.


  1. if I want to send midi events rather than CC’s to LivePrompter (as in the last page of the CC3/LivePrompter interface manual) do I specify them by name or number (i.e. C4 or 64).
  2. What I want to do is bring up the song text in LivePrompter when my band changes songs, but not start scrolling until the first note is played. After that there’s no need to stop scrolling. Have you any suggestions on how to tell it to start scrolling on receipt of the first note, but then ignore other notes until a program change.
  3. Is there any way to block center text (not each line, but rather the entire block)? I tried putting spaces at the beginning of lines, but multiple spaces are ignored.


I forgot to mention that I’m using Cantabile to control LivePrompter


Hey @Ivan,

  1. you can use note names or note numbers; LivePrompter undestands both. Just be sure you put the “N” before them (N C4 or N 64)

  2. I would use Cantabile’s triggering mechanisms. Rough idea: have a first state in your song called “waiting”, then have a (non-blocking) binding that is only active in this state that reacts to any note played in this state and automatically advances to the next state. In the next state have a “SongState-OnLoad” binding that sends a command (CC or note) to LivePrompter telling it to play. All done! What I do: I have a drum pad on my upper keyboard labeled “play/pause” with a binding in the background rack sending out the correct command to LivePrompter. I don’t want to trigger LivePrompter with the first note - I often have free-tempo intros before starting timed scrolling, so I only hit the “play/pause” button after I’m done with the intro.

  3. No, so far I haven’t seen the need for centered text. In fact, that could interfere with the mechanism I use to align text and chords, so not sure if I’ll put it on the backlog.




I found a way to display lyrics on Android. See my other post: