Display Preset names instead of/as well as State


I have a State that includes an Electric Piano rack set up with Rhodes, Wurly etc… The State name is displayed along the top of Cantabile but not the instrument selected currently in the rack. I can hear which instrument is playing, of course, but Ideally I would like to see the current Preset of that instrument displayed. I select the presets by stepping through them using nanoKontrol2 buttons so seeing the Preset number/name would be useful when the rack is not open.

Can this already be done or should this be a request for the future?



I was doing some ‘preset management’ in Lounge Lizard and String Studio (both AAS plugins) and was reminded how much I would love to see a display of the current Preset somewhere along the top of Cantabile, just like the current State is. I’m using ‘next’ and ‘previous’ sends (from nanoKontrol) to choose the presets but the presets display is very small in Cantabile because of where it has to be, of course. Is it possible to make this an ‘official’ request like the ideas I see on Trello?

Talking about AAS plugins, occasionally selecting the presets via midi is causing Cantabile to crash - anyone else experienced this?


Many of us include the preset/sound name in the state name. Also, if the state has layers and splits from several racks, how would you pick which rack’s preset to show? I guess you could have “by index” and pick which rack that way, but that seems to be getting really complex.


Hmmm, what preset do you want to see? In my songs, I routinely use 10-20 plugins or racks - I don’t see how Cantabile should know for which one it should show the preset…

I’m with @RackedBrain - if you name your song states nicely, they should be self-explanatory. Beyond this, you could use the Show Notes to remind yourself of what’s playing where in your setup - I do this all the time (“Upper KB: solo organ, Lower KB: piano with string layer on MW”)




Yes, I see. I’m generally only using one plugin at a time, layering only with the organ (B5) so I set up a couple of buttons on nanoKontrol to ‘next/previous’ preset on whichever plugin is being played at that time. Of course, I can see them changing on the plugin info line but the Rhodes/Wurlies/Clavinets are within a rack so can’t be seen unless the rack is open. Besides the display is quite small. I can see the difficulty unless it was possible for the user to specify which plugin presets were displayed at any one time.

Oh well, it’s good to dream :slight_smile:


To keep your songs manageable, I would strongly recommend NOT to change plugins presets within racks directly, but work with rack states as “rack presets”. This way, the rack becomes kind of a “super plugin” and you can pretty much forget its inner workings in a song context - you just select different rack presets - and those you can see directly at song level. Yes, to create those rack presets, you’ll need to get inside the rack, select (and maybe create) different plugins presets inside, but after you’ve done that, you can forget about the “insides” of your rack.