Disappearing Bindings are back

Having had a couple of weeks where things have been ok, the disappearing and/or non-functioning bindings problems have resurfaced.

I made a set list of just 5 songs, two of which are new, and everything worked fine, so I closed the laptop down. But next day when I went back for a practice, non of the bindings would work, even though they were all showing. The bindings are all in the background rack.

So I deleted them all, and re-programmed them in, and everything worked ok. So of I go to band practice, set my kit up and the bindings have stopped working again. There wasn’t time to re-programme them all, so I had to scrabble around changing them by hand.

I shall arrive early on Sunday and redo the bindings and then leave everything switched on so at least things will work at least once.

But I am baffled as to why this keeps happening, and why sometimes it actually doesn’t.

Can you provide a screenshot of your bindings?

As you will surmise I am using top octave notes to trigger the bindings - simply a budgetary constraint as I don’t have the pennies/dollars for a footswitch as yet!

Maybe just a silly question…but, while you are in background rack view, did you go to “file” tab, and “save rack”?

Hey David,

A long story short I believe strongly that if you simply change all those bindings you posted to OMNI instead of channel 10 your troubles would go away. The controller keyboard is changing it’s transmit channel on you. Maybe because of multi-timbral, multi-channel patches on the controller you are using. Omni accepts those notes from every MIDI channel so it always catches the note that changes the state or the set list.



Mucho Gracio!

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No, but I thought that hte background rack saved on exit anyway. Maybe I am wrong, so will check. Many thanks!

Having gone all Spanish on you, if Channel 10 is the cause of the problem, how come the bindings work when first input, but not afterwards?

Nope, you’ll have to explicitly save the background rack when making changes - it behaves like any other rack in that aspect.

I believe that in a previous post you stated that you use different MIDI channels on your controllers to play different sounds - correct?

Note: when you “record” the bindings when using one MIDI channel on your keyboard, and then change the MIDI channel on your keyboard, the bindings will not work anymore. That’s essentially working as designed - Cantabile records exactly the MIDI command you want to use as a source for the binding, so when you record it while having the channel set to 10, it will work as long as your keyboard is set to send on channel 10. But once you change the keyboard to send on channel 5, the keys in your top octave you have set to control states and songs will not be recognized anymore (since they arrive on a different MIDI channel).

The solution, as people have been trying to tell you, is to change the “source” side of your bindings in the background rack to say “Omni”, not “Ch: 10” anymore. Omni means that this binding will react, no matter which MIDI channel your keyboard is sending the notes on.

Hope this helps!



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Thanks Torsten.

And thanks to all. What a team! And what a community to be a part of!

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[quote=“Torsten, post:10, topic:7386”]

Just to report back that I did what I was told and it worked. So I made the channel changes to “Omni”, and it worked, closed it all down for the night, and got to the performance this morning and everything went glich-free!

Many thanks!