Disabling Linked Rack Binding with Song States

This may be a stupid question, but I’m working on a setup where I enable/disable bindings based on the state of a song. These bindings are all currently at song level, but I’m wondering whether I can move them into a linked rack that houses everything to do with the controller keyboard (Keylab mkii).

Haven’t worked out a way yet, and just wondering whether it’s possible.

Details below on what I’m trying to do - feel free to ignore, or suggest a different approach…

I’m putting together a generic gig song, with a state for each type of instrument I’m likely to use (piano, elec piano, organ, etc.). I’m creating a linked rack for each of those states, so all pianos will be in one rack, all electric pianos in another rack, etc.

The Keylab mkii has 8 buttons that coincide with these states (piano, elec piano, etc.), and I’ve got it working like this…

  • First press of a button, switch to the relevant song state (eg, press Piano, switch to Piano song state). This is the binding that I want to disable when I am in a song state - I don’t want subsequent presses of the “piano” button triggering this binding. It works at song level, but I want to try and move it into a keylab linked rack
  • That song state change triggers a second binding to switch to the first item in a rack (eg, select the first piano)
  • Subsequent presses of the button trigger a binding to move to the next state in the relevant rack (eg, move to piano 2, piano 3, etc.). This binding is disabled when its related song state is not active. I would also like to move this to a linked rack, but can’t work out whether I can toggle it based on parent song. This and the binding in the first point work together. and only one of them is ever active - switch to a section, and then cycle through it with one button
  • Finally, another binding on the same button that is only enabled for the last state of a linked rack. This sets the rack state back to the first state. The purpose of this is to go back to piano 1 when you’re at the last piano. I’ve only got this to work inside each instrument rack

Like I say, it all works right now, but I’d like to move it to a Keylab linked rack if possible - just for clarity. I’m moving onto getting the correct LEDs to show later, and see whether I can get my head around the Keylab’s display.


I’ve done pretty much what you’re trying to do myself. I’ve done it slightly differently in that the pads select the ‘categories’ (Piano, rhodes, clav etc) and the buttons beneath the sliders select the different versions of the sound. EG in the clav rack there’s a plain one, a phased one etc.

Here’s the rack:

Main Board Aug 20 experiment.cantabileRack (5.6 MB)

Here’s a few pics of the bindings with some explanations as to what I did…

This is the song level, showing the rack states which select the ‘Categories’ of sound:

This is the bindings within the Main Board rack, that do the light resets and a few other things:

And this is the bindings in the Piano rack that do the specific things in the piano rack for selecting a strings and pad layer:

Obviously, your bindings and plugins etc will differ depeding on what you’ve got installed in your system and what you’ve set up your Keylab to transmit on pads and buttons etc.

If you can’t make sense of it, let me know…


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Oh, and you’ll see the disabled ‘display’ bindings group in the main rack, this was me trying to get the sysex to work the display, but according to Arturia technical support, there’s no way to stop the display updating every time you move a slider or push the sustain pedal etc, so I gave up trying to make that work.

I’d also like to say that this took me about 3 months to work out, with much help from @dave_dore, @brad and others on this marvelous forum…



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@Toaster - fantastic, thank you so much for that! That’s given me a lot to think about. Hadn’t really got any plans for the pads yet, so that might be a good option.

I’ll hold off on the display then - that’s a shame. I’d got it to work in DAW and analogLab modes, but then nothing else seems assignable. Thanks for letting me know.

I’ll be supplementing this with on-screen controls, since there may be times I’m not using the keyLab. Still thinking about getting a StreamDeck for this. I can’t remember why it’s advised to put it all in one song, since a sound category per song and a state for each patch would be easier to control with the interface.

Again, thank you!

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I suppose you could do it with a song per category but I did it this way because I also set up a rack in the same way with lots of categories for the top keyboard too and to have a song to cope with all the combinations of top and bottom keyboard sounds would hurt my head… I don’t do many gigs these days where I don’t know what’s coming and need just a handful of generic sounds to grab but this works great when I do…