Disabling instrument in a rack: disable in(s), bypass audio, stop running, disable out, or all 4?

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I have a linked rack with states that represent different instrument sounds. It consists of three virtual instruments and four input ports (one instrument has two routes to handle layering and splits). Many of the rack states use only one of the virtual instruments.

What’s the best way to disable an instrument in a rack state in which it isn’t used? I have been extra cautious to the point of overkill: disabling its input port(s), turning on audio bypass, turning off the Running state, and disabling its output port. Any one of them does the trick, but I bet disabling the output port alone is inefficient because it would still be processing signal up to that point.

So is there a best answer here? Can I just turn it off Running and be done, leaving the inputs, outputs, and bypass states enabled?

See if this helps:

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Very helpful, thanks!

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