Disabling "Advance to Next State" binding for 0.5 seconds?

Can anyone think of a good way of doing this?

I have bindings at the song level that move me onto the next song state.

Where there is a “stop” in the song - for example at about the 30 second mark in “C’mon Everybody” linked below, then I manually advance to the next state as we hit the stop. This new state changes the lighting.

I then have a binding that comes active during that “stop” so that when I play the 1st note of the next bar, then it automatically moves me on to the next state again to which starts the next lighting sequence.

My problem is that I hit the manual advance a beat before the stop so that the lighting change finishes on the beat. (and also sometimes I’m not accurate enough!)

That means that I’m still playing when the song state advance binding becomes active so it advances again!

Any ideas on how to “disable” the binding for a few hundred milliseconds? Or some other way to do it?

In most songs the key is different after the stop, so I can bind to a specific note, but in some, like this one, the key is the same, and I’m unlikely to remember the specific note that I’m using to advance the state.

Hi @a6325435

I can’t think of a way to do this. Bindings aren’t binding targets so you can’t really control it that easy. The only way you might get this to work is to have it disabled in a particular state - but that’s getting a bit recursive.

This sounds like something that would be more properly solved by a combination of these two suggestions:


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Actually this should be quite doable in a rack. Create a rack with three states: Disabled, Delay and Enabled. Put your “Advance to Next State” binding in the rack, but only enable it for the Enabled state. Also in the rack bind Rack State Loaded to Next Rack State with a 500 ms delay and only enable it in the Delay state. Then, when you change to Delay state the rack will wait a half second and then auto switch to the Enabled state, enabling your Song State binding.

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Thank you BigTwisty, I am trying that now.

When I hit the “Stop” song state I need this new rack to always reset to the “Delay” state, even if I return to that state. Any other song state and the rack should stick at “Disabled”

At the moment if I advance and return to the “Stop” song sate then the delay rack comes back on as “enabled” beacuse that is where it was left.

I am not quite sure what combination of rack state or song state locking and auto reset I need?

If you always want the rack to go to Delay whenever the song goes to the Stop state, put an On Load Song State binding in the song that switches the rack to that state. Then only enable that binding in the appropriate song state.

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Ok that works. Thank you. Now I have the next problem.

The 1st song has the “Advance to Next State” with a source binding of note E5.

Now I have a 2nd song that needs this delay. However this song needs to advance to next state on say F5.

I tried having a 2nd binding that was bound to F5, but I need each bindings to be independently active on only a specified rack state for a specified song in a specified song state. I tried ticking both checkboxes for “enabled” under state behavior but that didn’t allow this level of granularity.

It sounds like you are using linked racks for this. If you use embedded racks you can set them up uniquely for each song. Just right click the rack in question and select “convert to embedded” I think. I’m not in front of my rig at the moment.

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Great - that all works nicely. Thanks for the help!

You’re welcome. I’m glad to help.

Actually, I was thinking about how to make this more reusable. If you route Rack MIDI In directly to Rack MIDI Out and then only enable the route in the Enabled state you have a great multi purpose timer rack. Then you can bind the state changes at the individual song level to the output of the rack, to whatever key/button/pedal press you want to.


Now that is much more elegant! I can have different delays as rack states in the delay rack and keep it as a linked rack. Thanks!

Is this the only way to do it? If we can get rid of this binding at song level then we don’t need any song state enabled bindings it can all be done with rack states - song state advance can be enabled for the whole song.

You’ll have to play around with it. One of the things I love about the way Brad designed the software topology is the inherent flexibility. This is the way that makes sense to me. There may be a better way to do it.

I’m not able to make the route enabling and disabling reliable, even without the delay. During testing if I play fast repeated notes, then sometimes some of them “get through” in between the song and rack states changing and the route being disabled.

I’m assuming the order of events is

  1. Binding in the delay rack triggers song “next state”
  2. Song switches to new state
  3. Song state behaviour on the new song is processed which will switch the Delay rack to a new state where the route is disabled
  4. Rack state behaviour is then processed on the new Delay rack state which disable routing.

I think that while 3 and 4 are happening, any received MIDI continues to get through the enabled route which then triggers the next song change.

Do you want to make it so every time you change to the next song state there is a delay before it can change again?

No, I want to

  1. Switch to the next (2nd) song state via a trigger, say E5.
  2. From the 2nd state switch to the next (3rd) song state after another E5 trigger.
  3. If an E5 trigger occurs after switching to song state 2, but within the 1st second, then ignore it, and only switch to song state 3 on the next E5 trigger after the 1 second delay.

I need to enable the delay on specific song states within a song, not every state.

The issue I’m having is that some E5 notes are “getting through” at the start of the 1s delay.

Solved it by having a single “Auto Advance” rack that does the song state advance AND the delay all in the same rack, with no interactions with the song to worry about, or intermediate rack states to keep track of.

I have 1 state and enabled binding for each note that I want to auto advance from, and set that state from the song.

Then when the song state loads, the rack disables the route within the rack and waits a second before enabling it and listening for the note for auto advance.

I’ll run this throgh my songs and update if I see any more issues.

Thanks for the pointers all.

Just to close this out - This evolved into this rack.

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