Disable Expression Pedal Function

I’m using a Keystation 88 to control Cantabile. I have a sustain pedal plugged into the expression pedal input on my keyboard and a binding set to link the pedal to the tap tempo function of the metronome.

Problem is when I tap the pedal it, in addition to performing the function I want, also continues to serve it’s original function which means every time I tap my sound cuts out as it is responding as if I had pressed the volume pedal down to it’s lowest setting.

Is there a way to disable the “volume pedal” effect of pressing the pedal so that it solely functions to tap the tempo into the metronome?

Yes, you can add a midi filter to disable the midi message that is sent to the instrument.

If you don’t know the midi message to filter, one trick is to use the midi monitor and then press the pedal. Cantabile should then display the midi message and you can add a midi filter to ignore any like message from reaching your instrument.

Both of these options (midi filters and midi monitor) can be accessed via right click on the instrument row on the routes page.

EDIT: I believe the specific midi filter you are interested in is called Suppress Events.

I have this particular binding set in the back so there’s no instruments loaded, only the bindings I need for my foot pedals. I tried adding an instrument and was able to access both the MIDI filters settings and the MIDI monitor but cannot figure out which cc to suppress. Using the MIDI monitor function gives me a long list of controls that pop up when I hit the pedal.

Hi, Try supressing 7 and 11 to start with, those are the common volume and expression pedal codes. Hope you get it figured …