Disable Cantabile Crash Recovery

Cantabile is really impressive. It has allowed me to use plugin soft synths to create a MIDI controlled sound module out of a headless mini form factor computer. Sometimes it crashes. I am working to discover why. Until then, I definitely do not want a crash recovery stop on boot up, I need the system to only interact with the MIDI foot controller and the power push button.

How can I bypass crash recovery automatically? Then, if the program really won’t start, how can I boot into that same crash recovery screen?

I know one place to start is to set Cantabile not to load the last song in options.

It’s very rare for Cantabile to crash so it should be easy to figure out which plugin is causing the issue.

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Thank you for your reply, I think the VST trouble is Arturia, but I need to use it. And the song that crashed always starts without disabling anything as prompted by the crash dialog.

My thought is to use this live without monitor, no interaction, even if it crashed the last time it needs to load the song. So that if there is a problem, a reboot gets it back running without dialog.