Disable a route on 2nd song state only? (Switch off ambient mic when song starts)


I’d like to disable my ambient mic (via a route) on the 2nd song state of every song.
Optionally I’d like to re-enable the route on the 1st and/or last song state of every song.

Is there a way to do this that doesn’t involve adding a binding to every song?



If your mic is running through Cantabile, you can switch it off by disabling the mic route in the 2nd state. Don’t know your setup, so I can only assume. I don’t know that you can disable just the 2nd state in the background rack. Will see what I can come up with, unless a good answer chimes in 1st.




Thanks Corky. I’ve got a global “bindings” rack which is in every song, and contains the named route for the microphone. I’d like to avoid going into each song and disabling the route on the 2nd state, but I could do that if no other option. At the moment I manually enable this route with a button at the end of each song so I can hear any inter-song chat through my IEMs, Extreme laziness has set in however, hence the question!

I was hoping I could do something with the Song State Index trigger, but I don’t think it can be used to reference the 2nd song state in this way.



Sorry. I couldn’t find a way to make it work. In one of the bands I perform with, we don’t use an ambient mic, because our vocal mics picked up too much crowd chatter in our IEMs as it was. We couldn’t hear our vocals very well, so I put a gate on all our mics, problem solved. Crowd noise will not trigger the gate to open, but our vocals would. But, of course, we use electronic drums, and no amps or instrument mics. Everything is direct into mixer. We found we like it without the ambient mic. Just like rehearsal. I can also enable/disable the gate with a touch of a button on the digital mixer if I need to. Another beauty is muting the mains so I can talk with the band members if the need arises, such as…man did you see that blonde on your right?


Bumping this. Is there a way yet to have a binding in a rack that always fires on a numbered state in every song?


Hi Al,

You could use an indexed trigger approach in your linked rack bindings list e.g

the first binding listens for the index number from the song state and triggers when it sees index number 2.

the second binding is the numbered trigger source that carries out the event of your choosing, I used switch to Live Mode as my target action

so every time song state 2 is called it switches to live mode no matter the song in the song list.

Note that all index numbers are based on the numbering system you choose in options, either 0-127 or 1-128 so keep that in mind when configuring your triggering numbers. Also trigger numbers are global per session so only use that trigger number for that purpose only and don’t share it on other tasks. Hope this helps.




That worked a treat thanks Dave.

Is there a way of turning the route back on if I’m on the ‘last’ state?


Hey Al, I’m not sure if this would do it. There are no “last state” source choices for bindings and I’m assuming the last state is not always the same index number so would a “Song Unload” binding work? The 3 bindings below are an example of this. The first 2 switch on the named route “Port A” (I chose a rack route on the same rack with these bindings). The last binding turns off the route when the song unloads so it is off when the next song loads. Not sure if this is the fix or not but is does work.




Hi Dave, thanks for that. Ideally I’d turn the route back on on the last state. Scenario is as we hit the last note of each song I advance the state to an “end” state and I want to enable the ambient mic at that point. We may not have decided the next song at that point.

I do always name that last state “end”. so maybe I could give this state the same program number of say 99 in each song. and use a “Selected State Program” binding.


yes, labeling works if you use program number instead of index number in your idea I think …