Direct expression pedal to particular VST based on CC from NanoKontrol2

I’m trying to configure C3 Performer so that I can direct my expression pedal output to a particular VST/plugin, based on the value of a CC from a NanoKontrol 2. For example, if I toggle a button on the NK2, then I want the expression pedal to control the volume on my piano VST, but if I select a different button, then I want the expression pedal to control the organ expression/volume. If both buttons are ‘on’, then the expression pedal should control the volume on both VSTs(plugins).
Is this possible?

I think I would need to use some sort of ‘conditional logic’ expression to achieve this, but as yet I haven’t been able to figure out a solution. Any ideas?

Cheers - David

Hi David

You could assign the exp pedal to separate routing incidences, one to the organ, one to the piano. Then you could toggle the routings disable/enable with buttons on your controller. You will need bindings from the pedal to the vsts, and from controller buttons to disable/enable the routings. At least, that is the way I would approach it.



Just another thing…my pedal is routed to swell/volume pedal in my organs, and is also bound to the piano gain at the song level. I rarely use piano and organ at the same time, so being used on both at the same time has not been a problem, even when playing both organ and piano at the same time. However, it is important to control gain level throughout. The organ “pedal” is used more for a push to the amp tubes than for a volume level, even though some volume levels do increase.

Thanks Corky! That worked. Haven’t figured out how to make the bindings work on the background rack - so I don’t need to add the bindings to every song/state.

You can always build a rack with the bindings and routing. Just drop it in each song. I have several things in my background rack, but there are limitations. I would assume you could do the same in the background, but haven’t tried it. I do have pedal switches controlling song states in the BG rack. If I get a chance, I will test it out.

Again, great info Corky!

  1. After all these years of using the expression pedal for organ and sliders for piano volume, I never considered combining them. Exactly as you have said, “I rarely play piano and organ at the same time” - especially because I’m also playing left-hand bass.
  2. I was trying to create a rack to contain the routing and bindings (which I prefer to hiding them in a background rack), but I couldn’t get it configured properly. I think the issue was creating the binding to the route. I will need to try it again.

Post a screen shot of what is working, and I will make a rack for you.