Digitial Signatures and a Bunch of Blog Posts

Hey All,

Starting with build 3142 all Cantabile builds are digitally signed to ensure they haven’t been tampered with since they were built. The UAC popup in Windows should now look like this when you run the installer (rather than the typical scary looking yellow one)

Also, I’ve been a bit remiss in keeping the blog up to date so just retro-activately posted a bunch of post with important recent stuff.

8 new posts here.


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In a Windows 8.1 machine where I just tried the newest version, I still got the big warning screen that says “Windows has protected your PC” where I have to click “More info” and then “Run anyway” to proceed. I was surprised this did not go away with the signed installer program. (The blue UAC dialog did appear as you mention it would.) It installs just fine, as it always has, but I have to get past this screen.

I’ll try on my Windows 10 machine later today.


AFAIK, you can select this app to run as an exception in the UAC section…tbh I have not run 8.1 for a while (on 10 for some time) but iirc this can be done.

Hi Terry,

Yep, what you’re describing there is Internet Explorer’s SmartScreen which uses a reputation system for downloaded software.

My understanding is that prior to code signing each build starts with zero reputation and given the frequency of Cantabile builds they probably never establish any reputation. With code signing, reputation is built against the publisher in the certificate so this warning might go away over time - but who knows.


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