Digital licenseHolder name can't activate offlineLicense

Tried activate Lite version offline, got a window popup said something like “can’t parse JSON, expect string”
Opened License file with VSCode, format and previous error windows changed to:

Application failed to start.

JSON parse error at line 8, character 24, context [0].activation.licenseHolder - expected a string literal

My line 8 is

 "licenseHolder": 32,

Add double quotation to “32” then problem solved.

Thanks for reporting this @Nc32and welcome to the community.

This seems like an issue for @brad … the developer (and that’s also the magic incantation to get his attention …)

Thanks for reporting this. I believe this is because you created your account with user name “32” which is getting converted to integer somewhere along the line. I updated your account to user name “NC32”.

If you reactivate by hitting the “Change Account” button in the licensing screens and re-enter your details it should work.

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