Differents ways to switch racks from MIDI devices


I’m trying to imagine differents ways to switch racks racks directely from MIDI devices (assuming I have a keyboard AND a control surface) :

  1. Changing MIDI channel from keyboard / midi route control in Cantabile
  2. MIDI program change from keyboard / midi route control in Cantabile
  3. MIDI notes from control surface / selecting State (only Cantabile Performer)

But for example : is there a way with Cantabile SOLO to use my control surface to switch racks ?

Precision about second proposal (ProgramChange), this only works if keyboard sent previously a “BankM change” AND a “BankL change”…

…only after that, PogramChange routing will work…

This is not neccessay when using PorgramChange to switch preset inside plugin… so why is it necessary for Cantabile routing ?

EDIT : Maybe trying to use the Program Map midi filter in order to convert :
002 into 000.000.002

Let me show you the problem with ProgramChange routing :

For me it is an issue because bankL and bankM message are not required to use programChange in order to change preset in plugin…
…also I tried to use the Program Map MIDI filter feature and the bank conversion seems strange… maybe in a second video.

Here a second video about ProgramMap MIDI filter :

Brad fix thoses issues in 1 day !

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