Difference CP 3 vs 4?

Hi together, cause I worked (“hard”) to “finish” and optimize the setup of songs, racks, bindings and so on in CP V3, I skipped the whole time the V4 version.
I didn’t research so far information about the differences between V3 and V4. If I search here in the forum or via Google, I can’t find comparisons between the two version. Perhaps I searched on a “wrong” way :slight_smile:
Is there a documentation or videos, where I can easy work out the differences between the two versions?
What are the key advantages to switch from V3 to V4?
Is V4 a complete new concept with new workflows?
If I would install V4: is my setup for V3 further “save” or is there a risk, that the set up has to generate new?
Would the whole setup with all racks, states, bindings and so on “translated” from V3 to V4?
Or could some parts/functions not “translated” to V4?
From your experiences with V4: should I stay with V3 or should I defintely switch to V4?

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Hi Bladerunner,

The 4000 series was a major overhaul of the GUI toolkit to help with sharpness and clarity and sizing of plugin boxes. It has added a number of things along the way that are definitely not available in C3. see the long list in the release area here:

All my V3 songs and racks ran fine in V4 FWIW. Also you can have V 3 and 4 installed at the same time so you have a fall back if 4 doesn’t work out. As always back up your old files before adding it.



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Hi @dave_dore,

thanks a lot for the quick response and the short summary.
Sounds, that there is no risk to install V4 beside V3.


I have installed both versions but mostly use C3 for now.
I always test changes I made in C3 in version 4 too and it seems to work fine.

For me, v3 is still working fine, so i won’t upgrade until a new version adds more value.

  • it would be handy if the notes were smarter. some simple markup and colors editor would be very very handy
  • better chords notation
  • possibility to add info to the list song name (like bpm, …)
  • group songs in the list (handy for medleys)
  • rack and connection list should follow the same order, so it’s handier to figure out what rack is connected to what keyboard so you can more easily dis or enable between states

Those are the main things i guess.
I had some more wishes which i forgot, but have been using v3 for some years now, so I’m kinda used to how it works. :sunglasses:

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