Difference cantabille/fxp programs?

Is there a difference between the 2 preset formats?

Hi Sven,

There is a difference, and in view of that Brad named them .cantabileFxb extension to tell them apart. You can load standard fxb files to your plugins if you want.


Thx :slight_smile: Getting curious now :slight_smile:

Me too - I can’t find any reference to the .CantabileProgram format in the guides, release notes, blog, or this forum…


Hi Neil,

I found this by Brad, I had asked him about the difference between the two and he replied Can we share Cantabile fxb Banks at Community Site?

maybe it will explain better.


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Here’s the low down:

  1. FXB/FXP programs are the standard VST formats for transferring plugin banks and programs. Use these to move things between programs.
  2. CantabileFxb is an old format that saved pseudo-preset information. ie: saved an entire bank of any plugin that inherited Cantabile’s pseudo preset support.
  3. CantabileFxp - no such thing.
  4. CantabileProgram and CantabileBank supercede CantabileFxb and save plugin preset/bank information but also include morph and randomize settings. See “Other Improvements” section of this post.

Make sense?


Thx, I figured it out it had to be about the new features :slight_smile:
Hm, maybe I’ll keep on using fxp, this way I can import it into other software.
I’m not using the morph thing atm.