Dexed VST3 no longer sending audio (solved)

Dexed VST3 does not play any audio in build 4185. I have not tried older builds yet. The old VST2 version I have still works (the latest version is VST3 only though). I don’t even get an audio route available and I am not able to add one. Anyone else experiencing this? I have tested on both my Windows 7 and Windows 11 machines.

Edit: I have tested in build 4171 and it works there:

@brad ?

Thanks - Paul

Never mind…I just watched Brad’s blog video and it addressed this. Kind of a pain to go to properties every time I load this plugin, however, I was able to get around it by saving it in a rack this way.

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Hi @bartok2112,

If it bothers you, I’d suggest reporting it to the plugin developers - I’m sure it’s just an oversight as I can’t see why they would actually want it disabled by default.