Development Update

Hi Guys,

Just wanted to post a quick update on what I’ve been working on. I’m still here and have been super busy - albeit quite.

As mentioned previously I’m working on a new version of Cantabile’s UI toolkit GuiKit and while it’s coming along nicely it’s a much bigger job than I originally anticipated. It’s important work that needs to be done but it’s dragged on for too long and I’m very conscious there haven’t been any Cantabile updates for a while.

Anyway I’m going to spend the next week or two on GuiKit then set it aside and switch back to Cantabile development for a while.


PS: for those interested the biggest sticking point right now with GuiKit is that I want to properly support UIAutomation which I’ve neglected for too long - but it’s not trivial. This is required so that visually impaired users can work with Cantabile more easily. It would also provide the ability to programatically control Cantabile’s UI from external scripts and allow for more comprehensive automated testing of Cantabile.


When you’re a long way into software development, going back to set up some of the fundamentals you wish you’d done first time around (which you couldn’t anticipate) can take an enormous amount of effort - way beyond adding features or fixing bugs.

Speaking personally I’m patient with such work. It may not create earth-shaking results of itself, and it may not make huge differences at first (and often it’s simply about making sure that everything still works just as it did!), but you’re building the foundations for some exciting developments down the line. Hopefully most people can appreciate this.

Keep up the good work!



I really hope that GUI change will allow a later development with better VU meters (or similar).
We discussed in another post this issue.
It is the only weak point I see in my daily use in C3.
Anyway, take all time needed to code, test and release.
We all love current stability, I think we can wait the time required.

Thanks in advance!


Thanks guys :slight_smile:

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C3 is now really mature and we can do a lot of things.
Every update is an extra that we love to test and that make our music better.
thanx Brad!

May I ask how work is going with a mac-version? Will it ever come? I’m thinking of migrating wholly to mac, and well… :slight_smile:

At this stage I would say don’t hold your breath. Sorry :frowning:

Cantabile is the best reason for keeping at least one Windows PC around…


I hate everything from Apple. But I must admit that Mainstage there is a wonderful tool.
Now that I have Cantabile working in my notebook, I don’t need anything else to manage my VSTs live. So my PC is covering 100% of my needs. Brilliantly

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