Dell G5 Laptop for Live Music?

I need to upgrade my laptop, used for live performance. I’m experiencing more and more glitching as my patches get more complicated (lots of Omnisphere and Kontakt). I’m currently using an ASUS i5 with 12GB RAM. After doing a bunch of looking around, I think I’ve landed on a Dell G5, i7 Hex, 16GB (will upgrade to 32), 256GB/1TB drives. (I’ll probably upgrade the 1TB drive to a 2TB 7200RPM at some point, so total upgrades with RAM are around $200.) Here is the link to it:

I thought I’d ask for opinions first. TIA

I’m using a Dell XPS 15 with the same processor, 16 GByte and 512 MB M2 SSD. I’m intensively using Omnisphere and Pianoteq.

I needed to upgrade my audio interface from iConnectivity to Motu (thunderbolt/usb) to balance the CPU load. Now it works just fine for me. Since your using Kontakt libraries I would definitally upgrade the HD to 7200 rpm.

Good to know. I’m using a Focusrite Scarlett 6i6 at home and Dante virtual soundcard on site. No difference in glitching. I’ll buy something like a Motu interface if I need to, I guess. I hope I can avoid it! $

You guys are all so lucky over there! I just had a loook at some of the pricing and something there going for about $650 is about $2000+ out here. Way WAY above the exchange rate. Our government sux bigtime with the tariffs they place on computer gear!