Deleting/renaming midi ports on V2?

I have a new backup laptop for gigs I’m configuring. I initially had my interface (Scarlett 2i4) in one usb port, but have since changed it. So of course it now shows up as “2 - Scarlett 2i4” on the port list. All the possible prots are enabled in Master config, audio channels and in Midi Devices. Yet, now when I import songs/sessions from my main rig, it doesn’t find the right port… I have to manually enable it for each song.

Is there a way to delete the old ports and then I could just start fresh? I tried uninstalling the Scarlett driver but no joy.

Luckily I discovered this fairly early in the process, so I guess I could uninstall Cantabile and then just reinstall it and start fresh in the correct port… that should fix it, right?

I know this is easier on V3 but I have almost 100 songs and after reading about the changeover issues from V2 and the time required, I’m not planning on changing at this point if I can avoid it.


It’s sort of weird, but the midi devices are functioning globally now. In other words I just re-set them once. The other day when I’d imported sessions and setlists, I could have sworn the old midi device was saved with each session. Strange. Maybe it was a short circuit between the headphones.

Anyway, all set now.

Hi @twaw

The name of the device is determined by driver - Cantabile just uses whatever Windows reports from the driver so to reset it you’d need to check with the manufacturer.

As for handling it Cantabile 2 - it’s not trivial because the port names are stored in the sessions. You can open the files and manually edit if that’s easier (they’re just zip files - you can rename them and peek inside) but other than that you need to fix them up yourself.

This exact problem is the main reason why Cantabile 3’s MIDI ports work the way they do.