Delete recording

I just deleted a recording from the Recordings list, and notice it’s still in a media player’s playlist, which means that if I try and select that recording in the media player, I get the rather unceremonious error dialog shown below. Similarly if I rename a recording in the Recordings view, any media players referencing the recording will fail to find it.

Just wondering if this is intentional, or whether it would be desirable to automatically keep any media player playlists synchronised if things change?

Hi Neil,

Yep its definitely a deficiency but also a little tricky to resolve easily. I’ve had a look at it previously but decided to just live with it for now.


I have found that turning off the audio engine allows deletions and renaming to occur, so perhaps those functions could initiate a script that temporarily shuts down the audio engine and then turns it back on again once the deed is done?

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Good point however the media player will still be left referencing the old files. I was thinking here more about the ability to rename/delete the file in the recorder and have the media player update.

The other reason I’m not addressing this yet is because it may become a non-issue. There are two usage scenarios I see here:

  1. You’ve made a recording and you just want to play it back to hear it.
  2. You’ve made a recording and now you want to include it as part of your song.

For 1) having to add the file to a media player is a pain and once I’ve got some other parts in place, I’m want to add a play button to the recorder panel that’ll let you replay the recording directly. Furthermore, in this case it’ll replay the inputs directly to the same input ports from which they were recorded - so if you’ve got the same song loaded it’ll automatically replay through the same plugins.

For 2) once you’ve added the file to your session, you probably don’t want/need it in the recordings panel anyway and I think normally it would be removed.


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