Delayed but not gone

Breedlove gone for another month for an Anthem Stage Pro (now) upgrade, rack rails delay blocking cable shipments, blocking music rack build, delaying DAW and Cantabile advancement.

Rails said to ship after July 5th and it’s 12 string songs on my Taylor 655ce until the Breedlove returns. The 655ce will get the same upgrade, so all dialing in is moot for now. All but finger exercise on the Taylor is stalled.

I had to look up what a Breedlove is, what an Anthem Stage Pro is, and see how many strings were on a Taylor 655ce… Very cryptic post, but I believe I’ve got it. Nice use of “moot”; almost as good as Rick Springfield. Now, I’m going to imbibe alcohol…

I do hope your gear arrives sooner than expected.

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… and all this is relevant for the rest of us exactly how?