Delay when loading song for the first time


I have a setlist with a few songs and I selected the “pre-load setlist” option. My first song has two states. Switching from the first to the second state is really fast. But when I switch to the second song, there is a pretty long delay before the song is loaded although it shoud be as quick as a state change because the whole setlist should be pre-loaded. Or am I wrong?

When switching to the other songs, I also get the delay. But: as soon as a song was loaded once in a session, it will load very fast when I change back to another song and load it a second time - the way that I excpected it to be when pre-loaded.

Can you help me fix this?


No, you’re right, that’s how it should work. You check the pre-load setlist before you load the setlist and it should be like you want it. If you check the box when the setlist is already loaded then it won’t work. Try closing Cantabile and trying it again in that order (check the box, load the set list) and see if it still does it.

I tried that but the problem persists. I can see that the set is actually pre-loading all the plugins when opening the setlist. But still, it’s slow when loading the song for the first time and quick after that.

P.S.: I’m using the latest stable build.

If the plugin you are using incorporates samples that it has to load, then even though you have that plugin loaded, the “Pre-Load” setting does NOT load all the samples that you would use for various presets - only the first one. Say you have a sampled piano plugin like Grandeur from NI - if you have “Basic” loaded as the first one, it will still need to load in the samples for “Resonant Space” from scratch if you change to that preset.

The way around that is to have to instances of the plugin in place - the ones you are not using being in bypass mode, or even simply without any controller being routed to it (which is how I do it). Then when you change songs, it simply directs the controller to the other already-loaded copy of the plugin with the preset’s samples also loaded and in place instead.

That way it switches instantly. In fact, you can switch back and forth between them just as instantly.

I hope that was clear.


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Thanks for your support. However, what you describe is not the problem I have. I use each instance of a plug-in with only one preset. So there are no preset changes at all in any of my plugin instances.