Delay plugin sync to tempo host?

Hello !
I defined tempi per songs, but I can’t synchronized my delay plugin (Valhalla Delay) with these tempi…
With all DAWs, the Vst plugins (FX or VSTi) can be synchronized to the tempo host, without manual calculation.
I know Cantibile is not a DAW, but it’s a host… So I hope there is a way to activate this function…

Any suggestion, please ? :slight_smile:

Hi, does the tempo sync work when you hit play? Cantabile does not send clock when the transport is stopped, which is one thing I wish it would do via being able to set an option if you wish to do that.


Thank you but no, even with the play engaged, the delay plugin does not want to synchronize with the tempo…
Do I have to do something for the delay to match with the tempo of the song?

You need to have the delay mode set to Note to sync with C♪3 tempo


Oops! Thank you @dave_dore, that’s it! :pray:

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