Defer switching states until all notes released

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Feature request: when a state change is requested, do not actually change states until all notes are released.

Motivation: currently the MIDI route will not change until all notes are released, but the rest of the state will. This leaves the state with a mix of old and new settings, which can lead to unexpected behavior.

For example, the currently sounding patch from first state will continue to sound until notes are released, but it’s gain will change to setting in second state, if the gain setting is exported.

There is a workaround: set the gain in the second state to be the same as the first state. Clearly not ideal.

(I discussed this in a previous post. Just wanted to make a formal feature request)


I think this would need to be something optional, because I’ve had situations where I want to hold a chord over a state transition, so that I can be playing in some other zone with some other plugin from the new state, but still keeping hold of previous notes to make the change seamless.

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Makes sense. Note that if you are using midi routings in the state change, then the wait for all notes to be released behavior is not optional, nor is this behavior documented as far as I know.

Indeed. But that’s only for the route that has held notes, so it quite desirable to avoid hung notes etc. Other routes/splits are unaffected by this.

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