Default State Behavior on Add

Is there a way to set the default State Behavior to be completely unchecked when adding a rack or an output from a rack? This is a royal pain when adding instruments to a song after creating song states. I have to always make sure I go in and uncheck them all, and this is a PITA.


Me too! Same with routes - I manually uncheck everything and only re-enable when required. It would be nice to have a “Use this as default” command for state behaviour.


Yes, that would be a nice thing to have. My workaround right now is to copy and paste a rack with existing defined behaviour and replace that one with the one i need…

Me too, routes and racks.

+1 - it would definitely save a lot of work to be able to set defaults for MIDI and audio routes

I think I’ve suggested this before, somewhere along the way. Another solution would be a drop-down of state behaviour presets, for each type of object. It could come with the current default and all disabled, as factory presets, but allow you to “Store state behaviour settings as new preset”, and also to choose a default preset for newly-created/added objects. But maybe it would be overkill?


I think there’s a general consensus that yes, we want this. Please, @brad?

I’m in for this feature! Would be great and would save a lot of work!

OK - I’ll add it. :slight_smile:


See, now this is why I don’t mind paying a subscription.


Actually, I was the very first to ask for this feature. It is now part of the archaeological record, and the original documentation of the request can be seen at the Smithsonian in Building 42, 3rd floor, aisle 17, cluster 8, shelf 5.

So glad to see it will be added! :smiley:



Oh you guys, all trying to take the credit! You’re just jealous @brad likes me more!


Now now boys, behave. I’ve implemented this feature today, will hopefully get a build out soon and you’re all allowed to play with it.


Available now in both 32xx and 35xx. See also updated guide.


So easy to use! Thanks @brad :slight_smile:

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Well done, sir! You are a scholar and a gentleman.

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