Default "New Song"

Hey guys,

I couldn’t find it on the forum. But what do you think about a default New Song?
For my workflow I have created a song template. Now I need to open that, save it as new song and can start editing. It would be a great add if my template song is automatically called when using File-New Song.




Like! :+1:t2:

Yeah been wanting this also

This might solve my only niggle with Cantabile - the order of the sources on the left-hand side. Most of my controllers are off the bottom edge of the screen by default, so I have to scroll down to them and drag them up to where I can use them every time. If there’s a way to configure that already, I haven’t been able to find it.

Bringing this up again. Maybe C4 has some way to configure this, or a location for the default song can be overwritten with a customized template?

My change would be simple:
I have a binding that I’d like to have in the default song template so that my keyboard (a MOXF8) is set to a “silent” patch by default. In this case it’s Peformance User 2 / Patch A1 (program change 8129.1 ). I might also add some other bindings (e.g., NanoKontrol2) as part of this.



I’ve never seen the point of designated ‘templates’ with any software. If I need a ‘template’ I create a Song that becomes just that - load it in, then do a ‘Save as…’.

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Makes a lot of sense in some situations.
Film cues etc. may need a common starting place but a new destination for all files. In Cubase, this is the primary difference between a template and a song.

An OS and programming experts’ trick. :slightly_smiling_face:
And the more usual way of doing it.

I’ve never used a Cubase template. They’re a solution to a problem I’ve never had.

I’m not saying that having ‘templates’ is not a good idea, just that a special template file type is not something for which I feel any need.

Others may find them useful, and that’s fine, but there are other aspects of Cantabile’s development that I’m sure are more pressing.

I’m not sure what the benefit of a Cantabile Template is over what a song setup provides.
A Cubase template is a different matter IMO.

There is a template folder inside the C4 songs folder that you can save a song file to and keep it separated from normal song files. You can click into it from “File > Open Song”. You can also do “Tools > Startup/Shutdown > On Startup > Load this song” and point to your “default” item (whatever name you chose for it) in the template folder, which causes it to load upon startup. At least this is how I have mine setup since I always want an EQ correction plugin, and this accomplishes it nicely.