Dedicated Step Sequencer?


Looking for a dedicated step sequencer VST to hit those backgrounds arpeggios and similar.

What’s out there?

I NEED a step sequencer, “Classic Arpeggiator” would be nice, but honestly I don’t use that mode much on the synths that do have it.


I’ve been using BueArp as my go-to arpeggiator - you might want to check it out to see if it meets your needs.

– Jimbo

I very much like HY-SEQ32. There’s a demo and/or a free version.

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There’s also Stochas, now managed by the Surge VST team.

It is much more than just a step sequencer, with a lot of “random” features, but you can also use it as just a simple step sequencer. Since it’s open source, it is currently free.

I would have said BlueARP for something free and simple(ish).

I have done quite a lot with MuLabs VST which plays nicely inside Cantabile for something more complex with different scenes.

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Is MuLab easy on resources?

Yes, I can’t say I’ve seen an issue. It depends of course on what VSTs you are driving.

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Depends on what you want to do with the sequencer; I’ve looked at Remidi before to add sequencing, but was turned off by the fact that it doesn’t appear to offer MIDI recording - it relies on you providing a source MIDI file - although you can enter notes individually etc I think.
I’ve also used NI Maschine to trigger sequences - I used Maschine sounds in that scenario, but I think you can alternatively route the MIDI out to trigger another VST in Cantabile.

Got it. Does TONS more than what I need, but it Does work.

Quick Question: Currently, my C4 Transport controls will only Stop the VST, not start it.

What I’d LIKE to happen:
Poke C4’s Play button, the arpeggio starts
Poke C4’s Pause or Stop button, the arpeggio stops

What actually happens:
Initially, No ARP playback.
Start C4 transport, no ARP playback.
Send BlueArp a note, playback begins.
Stop transport, playback stops.

A bit of poking around, I figured out that sending BlueArp a note always starts playback, but then if the transport isn’t running, I need to Start (hit Play) then Stop (hit Stop).

It’s probably possible to create a mapping where one of my controller pads kicks the Transport AND pokes BlueArp with a note, but ideally I can control the whole thing from the Transport controls.

Any idea what BlueArp setting I’m missing?



I think you just need a binding to send a note to BlueArp when transports starts (i tried it and it works).

– Jimbo

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Perfect, Thanks!