Dedicated Song Parts Panel - where is it?

Hi folks… Beginning to feel like a bit of a pest here already but the help I’m getting from you folks is great so it is REALLY appreciated.

Anyway, I noticed on a blog post from Brad here there is a reference to “Dedicated Song Parts Panel” which seems to imply that the songs states, in addition to being listed in the States panel are listed in a SUB-panel below the songs in the Set List. Does this still exist? I don’t see it and don’t seem to find an option to turn it on so find myself using the Ticker Bar (which takes up a chunk of screen real estate.

I’m on the stable demo build (3.0.0236) and this is how my Set List screen looks (no sub-panel);

What am I missing? And feel free to throw in thinly veiled abuse at me… or even not so subtle abuse… :laughing:

Sorry and thanks in advance!

Click on “States” in the panel on the left - song states are another name for song parts.

Thanks Neil. It was more the “sub-panel” that appears to be the case in the blog which SEEM to appear directly below the songs in the setlist (see image from the blog; the song parts (states) look to be on the same panel directly below the songs);

Its not a huge issue, just wondering if I have a feature turned off, if it got removed or (as is most likely) I’m a blithering idjit!

Aha, I think you’re right, something is awry. I would expect it to appear when you choose View->Side Panel->Song Parts.

Perhaps that has become broken in builds since that blog post?


Huh- yeah, mine is the same way. I never realized it was supposed to be any different lol Yeah, having Songs and Song Parts would be rather helpful. They show at the top in Live Mode though.

I just a new install on Win 10 where I had no songs or setlists built and I had never tried to see the song parts panel below the set list. It was not there when I first called it up but I discovered that it was there but shrunken in height to where you could barely see the top line of it at the botton of the side panel. By clicking and dragging that area (the bottom of the side panel) I was able to grab it ( it was tricky) and bring it up to where I could see the panel. I am not sure if this is expected behavior but is how it works on version 3240. After you grab it once and position it the panel starts to work as expected as far as seeing and hiding it. Give it a try …



Good work Dave! I’ve just managed to recover mine by doing the same thing, although I had to disable the controller bar first before it would let me drag up the hidden sub-panel.

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Thanks @dave_dore… That’s the cheeky blighter! Splendid stuff - it’s a small tweak (the sub panel) but makes workflow a little easier while working. Good news!

you’re welcome @Hunter_Barr, welcome to the forum!


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Thanks guys. Not sure what exactly causes this panel to get sized to zero but I’d seen it myself and assumed it was related to my dev environment.

Anyway… I’ve made a fix so that if you choose View -> Song Parts Panel it’ll make sure it’s not zero sized which will avoid the mouse gymnastics to try and get it back.