DDMF Bridgewize?

Anyone use it? jBridge is giving me all kinds of grief on my new laptop. Would love to know does this make a good alternative and does it play nice with Cantabile…

It is quite unreliable. It is not as good as jbridge. I tried it awhile back, and uninstalled within hours. There is a demo you can download to test it. I don’t remember what version I used, so it may be better now if it has been updated. I don’t remember much about it, but knew it had problems.

OK. I had a feeling there was a reason no one talked about it, that’s why I asked before bothering with the demo. Thanks! I wish I could figure out why jBridge is crashing that one computer. It has to be a Windows/driver conflict. Everything else is the same as my main laptop.

I finally gave up on all my 32 bit plugs. There were some I wanted to keep, but I kept getting crashes in X64 C3 with certain ones. I am completely free of 32 bit plugs, and found other options which work well. Less worry.

I’m close but there’s still a couple… Although with x64 versions of stuff like MTron Pro out now I need to make sure I’m not actually in a position where I really don’t need x86 versions any more.

Yeah, the only reason I made the switch was more plugins were moving to X64. There were a few dead ones, that were left to rot by the developers. I was into the GSI stuff at the time, and Key Performer was one of my go to’s, especially for it’s low cpu, and great modeling. It refuses to load in X64 C3, even tho it is jbridged. Current day, I have better options. Yes, MTron Pro helped, as did development from competitors looking to revive the X32 dead plugs.

Then, of course, there is the brand new Genesis Pro from OZ-Soft running X32. :rofl::rofl: What a joke it is!! It is not worth the $1 purchase price! :joy::joy::joy:

I think the only 32 bit plug in I have is the SmartElectronix Moog Taurus emulator, but that plays nicely with JBridge

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That’s the one! That’s the one I can’t live life without. Well, actually I think maybe I can in the current set but I hate to. It’s not the plug and jBridge, it’s Jbridge itself crashing Windows. At least, I think.

IK Multimedia - Syntronik Deluxe 64 bit

Also FREE Nanoog 64 bit

Nanoog has a preset pack:


I’ve not tried either one.

There is also the Bob Moog Tribute library for Omnisphere.

Diva has Taurus presets, would they cut it?


I liked how they sounded. The Synapse Legend Mini clone has great Taurus patches too but costs a c note.

ALSO : Arturia Mini V, GForce Minimonsta, Monark

Sure, there’s lots of things with decent Taurus sounds but there’s just a quality to the little guy. And it’s very chill on resources. Taurus do not sound like, say, a MiniMoog set to the same settings. In the end that’s probably what I’ll do though.


Isn’t the J-Bridge developer a member of this forum? Maybe he can help sort this out.

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Maybe… at the end of the day though Corky is right. I’m so close to being 100% x64 it’s ridiculous not to replace the last couple 32 bit plugs I’m using. It would be a lot safer.

I agree with Fred. I have Taurus sounds both in Diva and Spectraphonics Trillian (amongst others), but there is definitely something about the SmartElectronix Taurus. It sounds great and is very resource lite. A huge shame it does not get updated.

I did the same . I lost interest in converting my 32 bit plug ins and switched over . It was a nice work around in the beginning though. Never tried the Jbridge with Cantabile though.

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Doesn’t VB3 1.4 64 bit version have some problems?

Another great plug available in 32 bits is Sonicprojects Stringer (at least I think it is).

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