Cxuiusvc eating your CPU

I’m running Cantabile on my HP EliteDesk 800 G3 mini.
Recently I had issues with Cantabile being busy after playing in combination with mediaplayer and/or metronome or drumbeats. I decided to reset Windows which seems to have helped.
Now I saw that there was a process cxUIUsvc Service that was eating 25% CPU. That I disabled and it greatly improved the performance of my system. I must still find out how much, but I would like to share this with right away
cheers, Joop

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It is a built-in sound system driver, well-known and infamous. It’s used in many PCs with Conexant audio chip.
It is a good idea to disable it. All non essential services should be disabled on a PC for music use.

is there a list of services that can be safely disabled. I did start at a certain time to disable services that I thought to be no so useful, but in the end I do not really know what’s essential and what isn’t.

I think that the best start is to read Brads "Glitchfree … ", which can be downloaded here: Glitch Free - Cantabile - Software for Performing Musicians

True, I did read it top to bottom. The list would help me with implementation. There must be some knowledge around on infamous services that can be disabled.

There are some DAW users who have posted lists of Windows services that can be turned off. This discussion on KVR might help:

Has any Windows 10 DAW users… - Computer Setup and System Configuration Forum - KVR Audio

I just bought one of those, so thanks for the warning.

There’s a long running HP support thread about it, here:

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