Customized views by song on playlist... Is it possible?

I’m currently working on a show that requires me to switch between Guitar and Keyboards (The latter being controlled by Cantabile Performer). On some songs I need to have the Show Notes window open, and in some others I need to have view of one of the plugins in that song’s rack. Is it possible to configure it in a song-by-song basis so when I load the playlist and scroll through the songs the main view changes depending on the song, without having to open each one manually? I’m using a global binding in the background rack to switch between songs by using two buttons on my MIDI controller, the idea is not needing to use the mouse to switch between views for each song… Thank you very much in advance!

Hi Juan,

First off there are 2 views built into performer. Live view and Normal view. Both views can be set and switched between. In the the following explanation I will be in Live view with Show Notes view for the Default view.

Yes, it’s possible using Song “On Load” bindings in each song to configure the view you wanted to see. To be more detailed for each song where you needed the Show Notes up you would have this binding added to each song that needed it. If you wanted to keep the show notes up the whole session you could add this binding to the background rack and then you wouldn’t need it in each song.

and in the songs where you wanted to view a particular plugin in a rack you would need a few bindings to open the plugin view you wanted and to close it when you exit the song so the next song has a blank starting point to have it’s view set.

I would recommend putting a few bindings inside the rack that has your plugin you want to view. The first would be to open the plugin GUI when the CC switch is sent from the song bindings a level up. The second would close the GUI when the song exited.

In your song bindings you would have a binding like this to to send the switch on message to the rack to get the plugin GUI up.

It’s not necessary to switch to the routing pane to view the plugin GUI, it will pop up over the Show Notes if you want.

Here is song one with the show notes view up clean

and the next song with the GUI pop up

So that’s one way to do it, I hope it gives you some ideas. :slight_smile:




Thank you very much!!!