Among the new expressions set by @Brad I would like to have this one.

With other expressions at our disposal it is possible to display the notes held, in the buttons of the Bar Controller.

For chords there doesn’t seem to be many visualization possibilities.

One solution might be to use logical conditions such as AND, OR, NOT (present in the current syntax of Cantabile) in order to “put together” restrained notes simultaneously.

Looking at the inside of one of the bindings that I use to display individual notes, I was thinking this, that if within a filter there were at least 3, or even better, 4 sources and only one “conditioned” target (by the various AND, OR, NOT), one could think of its feasibility of recognizing a chord.

When you press C4, E4, G4 (keys numbers 60, 64, 67), the chord you get is a C4 Maj.

If always within the filter I had an additional box where you could also set the type of “logical conditioning” (in this case AND), you would have the certainty or otherwise, unambiguous, of the corresponding chord. In this way it would be possible to assign a dedicated button for chords in the Bar Controller.

Could this be done?


Hi Sergio,

I think you might be pushing the limits of the expression stuff here. Yesterday I had a look at the source code for a couple of chord detectors and they’re usually at least a couple of hundred lines of code. Try to fit even a rudimentary version of that into an expression is probably pushing the limits.

Let me think about this some more… if there’s some demand for this I happy to try and put something into Cantabile, but it’s not a trivial job and would need to figure out exactly where it fits.