Crumar mojo desktop by Amplitube Leslie

Hi, has anyone tested and run an external organ through Amplitube Leslie in Cantabile? Has created an input from the sound card (UR28M) in Cantabile, and a midi connection between my external Kurzweil pc4, mojo and Amplitube in C3. Then a connection between Amplitube to out on the sound card. This works to a point, I think I get two signals, one through Aplitube and a pure signal from mojon directly out. I do not think the signal is too weak because if you increase the gain, the signal becomes very strong. But the leslie effect is further back in the soundscape. Anyone have any tips?

Hi, and welcome to the forum.

Could it be the loopback setting on the soundcard that mixes “direct” with “signal”? There is something like that on my Focusrite, and I keep forgetting to check that “direct” is turned completely off, until I notice that the effects are very low.

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Thank you TorstenH!
I’ll check this out in the software mixer for the card so I have not missed anything.

Have now checked if the Loop function is activated on the UR28M and it is not. I then tried to reinstall Amplitube Leslie from VST3 to VST2, then things started to happen. But to get the leslie effect on the sound, it is required that the input level is 50% on the Amplitube, below the “Selected Module” volume of 11.6db and the master at 1. Then the effect works but the sound makes a lot of room. When you then lower the swell pedal to zero, you hear a clean organ without a leslie, just like on an old L-100 that has the internal speakers left and you run the leslie in parallel if you are to describe the phenomenon. Is this something due to Amplitube plug? I know from personal experience that IKM Philharmonik II only works with VST2 together with C3.

Hi Hakan & Welcome to the forum,

Is the Mojo still running through a mixer channel as well as the connection to the interface? Are you able to post your song file here? Torsten brought up the interface as a possible cause but it might be in the song file configuration. It would let us check out your routing and things.



I have tried running mojon directly in the sound card, but it makes no difference. In the latest test, I drive into the sound card via the mixer table.

Crumar Mojo-Amplitube Leslie.cantabileSong (12.9 KB)

Hi Hakan,

I looked at the song file and it appears that you are using the AH mixer for the input source. I also noticed your note saying you direct connected to the interface and it tested the same. In view of that I don’t really know why it’s not working for you. If it is daisy chained then when you turn down the organ with the expression pedal it should be very low in volume or silent. Where is the other dry signal coming from if that is not the case? Anyway it has me vexed. I hope you can figure it out.


Hi, Dave
Yes, I’ve scratched my head a lot. I also have VB3 II and drove this via Amplitube Leslie without any problems, so internally it works. As I said earlier, it works better with Amplitube VST2, with VST3 it is not much leslie effect, far in the background and becomes a chourus effect.

Thank you for taking the time to look!

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The problem is solved!
I backed up a version on the drivers for the sound card and then you could turn off the sound via the volume rules, you did it earlier on the sound card’s software mixer so everything was silent. The problem was that the sound from the organ leaked with pure sound so that it overpowered Amplitube Leslie. I also tested reinstalling the latest drivers and it still works with these. So something went wrong when I installed these drivers from the beginning. It can be good to know if someone else is having a similar problem. The sound card is a Stienberg UR28M.