Crumar Mojo Classic

Hello from Cologne,
who has had experience with the Crumar Mojo Classic Organ and its integration into Cantabile? Is the sound convincing, the keybed good and are the controller capabilities sufficient for other VSTs, too? Thanks for your help!

I haven’t owned or used a Crumar Mojo but since GSI (VB3 developers) develop the sound component, I’ve read quite a bit about it and seen many YouTube videos of people playing one. I believe the keybed is the Fatar waterfall key tp/80 which is about as good as it gets for an organ midi controller (same as Nord uses). As far as midi/Cantabile goes I think it should behave as a standard 61 key controller would.

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I don’t own the Mojo, but I used to own an online store that sold MIDI devices and I’ve done some programming and support for owners.

The sound of the Mojo is excellent: the GSI engine is a great option and arguably as good as anything out there. The keyboard is also very good: the TP/8O (‘O’ as in organ, not a zero) is a great waterfall keybed, and some claim that the Mojo has been altered to make it feel ‘more like a Hammond.’ (It’s difficult to know if this is true or not. On one hand, Fatar has a plethora of springs and weights that are physically interchangeable in their keybeds, and customization is an option for big customers. OTOH, I’m told that there is a difference in the feel of the Nord and Korg organs, even though they use the same keybed. So, the organ’s cabinet may also affect this feeling.)

The MIDI support is a bit limited: I believe it’s a little more flexible than on the original Mojo, but the details are slim in the user manual. The global channel can be changed, but whether the other channels can is not stated. If the MIDI is like that of the earlier Crumar models –

  • Global CH = upper manual + drawbars, etc.
  • Lower Manual = Global CH + 1
  • Pedal Manual = Global CH + 2

Also, the CCs for the drawbars, etc. are fixed; they cannot be changed. However, all of these limitations can be worked around in Cantabile, either in the Background Rack or in the filters and bindings of individual songs.