Crowd request, please "Report this app as safe"


Hi All,

As you may know, I recently went through a month long process to get a new code signing certificate for Cantabile and some users are now getting warnings from Microsoft SmartScreen like this:

I think this is because the address in the code signing certificate has changed and perhaps Smart Screen isn’t picking up the old reputation that Cantabile had.

If you get a warning along these lines when installing Cantabile, could I ask you please click the “Report this app as safe” link to help build up the reputation again and hopefully this will resolve itself shortly.



Unfortunately, on Windows 10 version 1909, I only had this screen:

I could choose, More Info", and then “Run Anyway” but I could not find a way to report the app as safe :frowning:


ok, thanks anyway. I’m getting mixed messages about what’s happening here. Hopefully it’ll just settle down soon.


Hasn’t happened to me yet, but be assured that I’ll report it as safe if asked by Windows.