Creating templates

Hi folks,
I’m watching the videos and enjoying the capabilities of Cantabile 3.0 Performer. I’m using C3.x gingerly, little by little each and every gig on this new high-spec HP Envy my kids bought for me for Christmas.

I’m beginning to understand the ins and outs of Cantabile but the whole MIDI thing is a turkey shoot from the start. I’m beginning to understand that you need to understand MIDI comprehensively in order to use Cantabile in a complete and useful manner.

My question is: I just want to create a template that I can start with as a blank slate for every song. I play a MIDI accordion. I use the right hand as Ch1, the left hand chords as Ch2, and the bass as Ch3. Every time I create a new rack it wants me to save it as a song. What?

I guess I just don’t know what I’m doing yet. I’d like to start a new song with all keyboards and VSTis already populated, and in a given state. Can someone please point me to a resource that can explain what I’m looking for?


Hi @EFaaT,

The easiest way to setup a “template” at the moment is to simply create one song file as the template and then when you want to create a new song, open that template file and use “Save As” to save it as a new separate file.

Beyond that, you might be able to use racks as reusable components in each song, but it really depends what you’re doing. Perhaps post a screen shot (or more details) on a couple of song variations and we can suggest the best way to set it up.

Note sure what you mean by that. When you create a linked rack it will prompt for the name to save the rack file as - is that what you’re talking about?