Creating Portamento on a VST

Hi all-- I’m trying to create a portamento for the first time, and I want to make sure I’m understanding this all right. I need to create the “rising synth” sound for Uptown Funk, and I know there are a few ways people recommend doing it, but the idea that sounds cleanest to me is to put in the three octaves’ worth of 1/2 steps and then turn on the portamento effect to smear it all up. I’m using Xpand!2 as my VST for my synth sequences in this tune, but it doesn’t seem like there’s any portamento options in Xpand!. I need to find a VST synth that can do it, right? In other words, this would be part of the VST instrument as opposed to a second plugin?
Worst case scenario, I can do it with one of my keyboards, but I don’t love the synth sounds available there-- I’d rather do it in software.


Hi Jeff,

Yes you do. It would be built in to most subtractive synth vstis and is not separate but part of the vsti.


As above. You don’t ‘create’ portamento; you just switch it on and set the time - as long as the instrument you are using has the facility.