Creating Hard Drive Space

Hi. As a result of my last posting asking about solo violin vsts, I need to make space as I have filled my hard drive up! This is a result of being diagnosed with KVS (keyboardists vst syndrome).

I have a number of plug-ins from Spitfire Audio, with 3 specific ones I want to remove. But what I have noticed is that the installation process places files in numerous different places, some obvious, others not so obvious, and it differs from manufacturer to manufacturer. I have deleted some of the vst files, but the plug-in is still visible, so if anyone could point me as to where to find all the other ones, KI would greatly appreciate it.

I also want to get rid of a load of the KONTAKT 6 Player libraries, the ones that come free with the payer as I don’t use them and don’t see me changing on that one.

There are also a number of Presonus Studio One files I want to "move on2 as well, particularly their Classic Orchestra and their Contemporary Strings - I bought these when I realised the limitations of my laptop spec, but they are rather underwhelming, and I have never used them.

I imagine deleting these should free up a load of disk space, so I can then feed my syndrome once more!

Problem solved. I found out how to delete Kontakt libraries ironically on the Spitfire Audio website! So I can carry on acquiring vsts to my heart’s content! I have also bought a 1TByte flash drive and a 1Tbyte SSD and will shift a load of other files off my hard drive so the future is bright once more!

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