Creating a rack, it won't see MIDI controller?

Trying to create a Linked Rack for a F.O.H. Main EQ…I can get it all set but when it comes to trying to bind an external controller to the VST EQ controls, C3 does not “see” any activity. The controller works as I have some of the controls already set to the background rack and these work as expected, but in the BIndings window when I press the “learn” and move a knob there is no activity at all.

So how do you assign external MIDI controls to a VST in a rack?


PS: oh and under the INPUT Ports of the rack, the only options I get is MIDI in to the Rack and MIDI out from the rack. I click on these and there are no other options available.

You have two options:
1.) On song level open the routes. Create a route from your midi controller into the rack. Now you can create the bindings inside the rack.
2.) Go to settings and activate the “Show environment ports” option. Now the midi controller should be available inside the rack as binding source.

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thanks I’ll give that a try

Ok I have done all of that and I am presented with two options in the MIDI learn box - the controller appears as two entries the external hardware controller 2. is Rack: MIDI In
Which one should I use or it doesn’t matter?


First, you don’t need to use both of @FantomXR’s options (showing environment ports AND create a route to the rack) in parallel - may actually create confusion.

The advantage of using your controller directly via environment ports is that you don’t need to create a route for every song - the rack will “listen” directly to your controller.

The disadvantage is that this rack is then fixed to this way of control - no way to customize its behavior via song-specific routes or bindings (e.g. Song->OnLoad: send a specific command to your master EQ).

In general: if your mode of control stays pretty much static throughout your songs, you’ll probably be better off using environment ports directly.



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Thanks Torsten - I guess the “environment” one is the one marked Rack: MIDI in? This is to be a “fixed rack” to go as the final link to the audio interface out for every song. It’s to be a quick EQ always available at gigs and mapped to the same control knobs. Most of the time it will be at 0 , but when there is a tricky room to play it gives me a quick reduction method.

Nope - the “environment” one is the external hardware controller MIDI port. This gives you access to Cantabile’s MIDI ports (the “environment”) directly from inside the rack - as opposed to the puristic mode that only allows access to the rack input and output ports (which makes racks more portable).

thanks again. I’ll have a play around with it. TBH at this stage it is looking too complicated to get it to run right so I might just end up creating a new setup in each song.