Creating a binding to the second fader does not work?

There’s a right click function to create a binding on the second fader, the output port of a plugin, but that doesn’t do anything. Can it be assigned?
Would be handy, so that the first slider is the mixer level and the second I can control the volume level of a plugin.

UPDATE: I can use the rotary faders next to the main plugin level, but what are they for? DRY/WET does not direct to an FX? And Rear/front ? (yes I’ve read the manual lol :slight_smile: )

The problem was because Kontakt has a fixed controller to cc7 volume level, but that does not work linear. So I supress CC7 on Kontakt.

Ah well spotted! In this case you’re talking about the gain slider on the plugins audio output route. Routes can’t be bound to until they’re given a name that the bindings can refer to. So try this:

  1. Move focus to that audio route row
  2. From Edit menu, choose “Rename” (or press F2)
  3. Give it a name
  4. Try the right click bind thing again…

This is documented here.

Dry/Wet works on effect plugins to control how much dry vst wet signal gets through. (ie: it’s not controlling send to an effect, it affecting the wet/dry of this effect plugin).

Actually it’s a little trickier that this. When you edit the audio ports for any plugin you can connect it’s input channels to it’s output channels. These straight through connections are the dry signal.

eg: here’s the audio port assignments for a typical stereo effect (right click Audio Ports on any plugin to see this)

Notice how the output channels are connected to both the plugin’s input and output? The wet/dry setting controls how much of the input signal vs output signal is mixed.

Very similar to pan except most plugins don’t configure themselves as having front/rear channels so it rarely does anything. If from the above screen you double click a channel you can control how its mixing is affected by the pan and fade controls:

So for this channel, it responds to pan setting as a left channel (will reduce as pan to right) and it responds to the fade setting as a front channel (will reduce as fade to rear).

Normally you don’t need to worry about these settings - Cantabile normally makes reasonable guesses about how the input and output ports should be configured and the wet/dry/pan/fade settings just work.


Tenk you very much.
That’s very clear.
Was this in the manual already? U couldn’t find it online.

So for now I’m just using it as a second gain fader, works perfect, the dry wet, the rear front has an other curve so that’s not useful for me, i want my plugins to fade with the same volume slider ofcourse .

If you’re wanting to bind to a second fader, it looks like you might be interested in a feature request suggested/discussed a long time ago about being able to set up custom control panels with a few controls that can be bound to plugin parameters etc., or linked to faders etc. inside a rack.

If this would be useful, it would be a good place to add any thoughts / requirements you might have.


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Hm, this to simplify things? Maybe it would be ok if the plugin parameters screen shows the edited as first?