Create racks from songs?

Okay, so I have created a whole lot of songs, but I think I should have created racks instead. Is there a way to save the components of a song to a rack? The songs are juts sets of plugins, with no designated song in mind. Simply say, a bass and a piano sound for example.


PS: A supplementary Q - how does one save a rack? all I can see in the file menus save as - is save a song?

a) create and name a new rack (add object…new rack)
b) shift + click on desired plugins to copy at song level
c) doubleclick on rack name to open the rack
d) right click on add object and select paste

e) while rack is opened for editing go to File>Save Rack (this is greyed out until rack is open.


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Excellent, thanks Dave :+1:

just a quick query - the add object only has Embedded Rack…is this the correct one to use?

And sorry, no matter what I do NO file>save rack option appears??

Hi Dennis,

This is what I see in win7 X64 for object selection drop down menu …

and File drop down menu

Could you please post a screen shot and also do you use a mac?


I just tried creating one from scratch and still no Save Rack appears anywhere? I am missing something here but I cannot see what it is…

no no mac - how do I post a screen shot to the forum? - haha no matter found it!

I note that screenshot you posted says Preview Test - mine is not a preview version…maybe it got removed??

Oh and that screenshot - is WAY more info than mine - I think we need to ramp the page down a bit haha!

The preview is I am still running old version 3114 on this computer and "“Test” is just what I named the song. I will upgrade.

To make screenshots download this great free program by Brad here : SnapShot.

Install this and you can use it to make jpg screenshots and just drag and drop them to your message. Hope this makes sense.

Also I am running performer version.


Thanks Dave- that could be the difference, maybe there is only Embedded Rack available in the Solo version? And the way you suggested earlier is also not available in Solo :slight_smile:

Hey Dennis,

Thanks for posting that. Indeed the solo version only does embedded racks because that allowed for migration of C2 files as I recall. Sorry for the run around. The performer version is a beast for flexibility though! :grinning:

Yeah I know but I cannot afford the subscription haha! Oh and even the manual screenshot shows a different scenario to my version…

Actually it would be nice to know the difference between an Embedded Rack and a Rack?

Check this article

Thanks Dave - yeah seems the thing I need most I cannot have at the Solo price point, being able to use a rack for more tha one song - trouble is for the Performer (another $60+ per) it is the only function I would really use. All the other performer benefits I would rarely if ever use.

Okay guess the methodology is indeed very similar to C2…I might just stick to that after this initial years subscription finishes. At least C2 won’t cost me any more $'s hahaha!

Cheers m8, and thanks heaps for your time in trying to help :smile:

Hi Dennis,

To clarify a few things:

  1. Solo only includes embedded racks. Linked racks are a Performer feature.
  2. You can continue to run Cantabile 3 indefinitely without paying for a subscription. The subscription simply entitles you to updates. It’ll continue to run - you’ll just miss out on new features etc…


Yep, thanks Brad. It was my misunderstanding haha…and then when it was discussed in threads re the more than one song per rack I just didn’t twig it was for performer only…

Oh well it’s not like I’m not used to one song = one session/rack haha!

I already pay $100 for Sonar subs…and I know its not much but an extra $100 for C3 as well…not sure re-usable racks is that critical haha!