Create Binding on Fader

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I have racks for three vocalists. I also have a reverb plugin in a rack used as a ‘buss’ effect to save processing load. I have a V-Studio-20 controller and am successfully using the faders to adjust volume levels of each rack’s output to the ‘Main’ buss and ‘Monitor’ busses. The problem is that I can send ONE vocal rack’s, (‘Vocal-1’), output to the reverb rack with the V-Studio’s MIDI channel 2 from the first vocal rack, but when I try to use the V-Studio’s MIDI channel 4 to send from the Vocal-2 rack, when I slide the fader, it only adjusts the send from the Vocal-1 rack. All three vocal racks successfully send their ‘Stereo Output’ to the Mains independently on Channels 1, 3, and 5, respectively. I remember reading some time ago about renaming something, but I can’t seem to figure it out. Please help!
Thank you in advance - Cantabile is AWESOME!

Hi Brion,

I’m not really following your description of the problem - perhaps post some screen shots?

This (“Bindings to Routes”) might be the answer to the comment about renaming things.