Create a recording set?

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I want to record a midi track intro for a song. How do I do this? When I press record, I get the message to load or create a new recording set. How is this done?

Hi Lee,

You have to save the song with a name before the recording set can be auto created. You also have to select the MIDI input port to record from the Ports to Record pane.



Must be missing something. I have saved the song. When I hit record, it says I need to create a recording set. When I try to select a port to record, it says “no recording set loaded”. So I’m still wondering, how do I create a recording set?

Ok, what does the recording section in the options look like. It is where the auto create recording set checkbox is. How is yours set Lee?

You can also make one manually with this drop down menu on the recordings pane

SnapShot 3987l


Thanks Dave, very helpful. Auto was not checked. There are times it would be nice to have basic information like this in the Cantabile help guides.