Crashes with Melda SuperLooper VST3

After working perfectly happily for a couple of days, Melda SuperLooper VST3 has begun crashing Cantabile. I haven’t knowingly updated anything between working fine and this constant crashing.

I’ve switched to the VST2 version of SuperLooper, which appears to be working fine for now.

Anyone else seeing this?

I noticed too that the Melda VST3 plugins crash randomly in Cantabile.
The VST2 versions seem perfectly stable.

Thanks for that. So I’m not alone.

I figure that the VST2 work fine and the crashes are random so no point hassling Brad or Vojtech for now.

I’ve let them both know. It needs fixing at some stage - no point just hoping the problem will go away.

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I’ve also had a nasty crash with another VST3 plug-in just now. I’m beginning to wonder if there’s something flakey in VST3 handling.

VST3 plugins are hit and miss in Cantabile. There is a known issue with IKM’s Miroslav Philharmonik VST3 that has been documented here. The VST2 works great, so that’s what I use.