Crash when closing Cantabile 3.0 x64

I tried Cantabile 32-bit for a week or so then recently switched to 64-bit (3.0.3279).

If I just use my internal sound card then things seem fine. When I plug into my Steinberg UR44, Cantabile seems to crash reliably when I close the app.

Is there anything I can do to help you diagnose this?

See if you have the latest drivers for the Steinberg UR44.

Thanks - I just checked and in C:\Program Files (x86)\Yamaha\Yamaha Steinberg USB Driver looking at the details for ysusb_asio32.dll/64.dll they’re both version 1.10.0 from Dec 2017, so I think I’m up to date :frowning:

I’d suggest turning on logging (Tools->Options->Diagnostics) and sending the result to @brad. Usually, Brad can identify the issue from your logs.



Thanks Torsten. That’s what I was after.

Since turning this on, it hasn’t happened… Sigh!

It’s only a matter of time :slight_smile: