Crash on Valhalla Plugins

I’m have a flock of Valhalla plugins - current versions of Supermassive, Delay, Shimmer, FreqEcho, and Space Modulator. All VST3x64 under Cantabile Performer 3672 on Win10x64.

Any time I load any song with any of the Valhalla plugins at any time during a session, Cantabile crashes on exit. I’ve sent numerous crash reports detailing what I was doing, but it seems that, for me, having any of these 5 plugins loaded during a sessions causes crash on exit.

Just reporting here, in case anyone else sees this behavior (or doesn’t see it?)

Hey Clint,

I use Valhalla Delay and VintageVerb as my go-to plugins in most of my songs - no problems at all so far. I’m using the VST2 x64 versions, though. Have you tried if the VST2 versions create the same problem in your setup?




Excellent idea! I didn’t think of switching from VST3 to VST2 … I’ll have to go back and get them installed …

This issue was solved by an upgrade to v3678.
Thanks to @brad for a quick response to my crash reports!

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Hi Clint,

Tried the VST3 (Room and VintageVerb) on my rehearsal PC running Cantabile 3680. Both are working well. I still prefer VST2, anyway.
Yes, Brad is awesome!

Could folks expand on why VST2 might be preferable to VST3?? (I’m pretty green at all this …)

I’d say VST2 is simpler and more mature, and you cannot get some plugins in VST3, or i you can (like some UH-E synths) they still recommend their VST2 versions, but vendors are slowly moving over. A big advantage of VST3 over VST2 is reduced processor load when a plugin is not presented with audio.


Thanks for the overview @Derek!

Reduced processor load … oh that is a big one for me.

My road system is a 3-year-old laptop that was not designed for real-time audio, and I’m constantly watching the RPM meter. Unloading plugins as I move through a song is not a lot of fun …

Got a gig next month with a 1 hour continuous ambient set (solo), and I have no idea how I’m gonna load all the cool plugins I want to use …

If you get a recording of your ambient set, do post some links. I am thinking of doing the same as a low key way of doing something again as my main band output appears to be on hiatus with little signs of coming back.

PS: The following link is a good explanation of the differences.

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Totally agree with @Derek.