Crash on Exit - build 3652

Anyone else having this problem? I just installed it, worked with it a few hours, so far everything seems to work fine, loving the new features, but when closing by File/Exit it crashes, every time. I haven’t tried rolling back to the latest stable build but I did see that Brad fixed some bugs since then, that’s why I went with 52. Maybe I should try the latest version?

3652 is experimental build, and was replaced by 3653 the day after its release. Look the download page

Thanks… Right, but I haven’t seen anything on crashing on exit for 53. Just wondering if anyone else experience the same issue. Thanks!

Try the stable 3647 version, even it lacks latest functionality. Or send the Cantabile’s log to Brad for a check. Most of issues depends of one or more VSTs, often a “lethal” combination of them. Cantabile is very stable host, but try to think to version of Windows, version of Cantabile, version of ALL VST you use (and how manyVST are running a time), audio and midi settings, windows settings… combinations are a huge list.

Thanks, I’ve been gigging with Cantabile for years, never had an issue at a show so yeah it’s very stable. 47 is fine but I need the new features, especially the unbinding of show notes in linked song states… when we all start gigging again, I’m gonna be crazy rusty, so I’m updating all my show notes! :laughing: Yep, gonna send the log.

I had this issue briefly. It was happening with Audiofront midi expression pedal vst. I ended up resetting my computer in the problem went away. No issues like that since.

When you say reset do you mean restart? Reset is a pretty big step.

No. I meant restart.

I figured out some reproducible scenarios how to make 3653 crash while exiting. It’s not the exiting operation that fails, but actions taken before (all related to recording sets). The most simple scenario would be:

  • Create a new recording set and try to save it. This will throw a null reference exception, which you can ignore by clicking “Ok” (no crash report was generated yet)
  • Now, you can …
    • …turn off the audio engine…
    • …open “Help > About”…
    • …exit the program…
  • …either action will invoke the crash reporter
  • The .cantabileRecSet file has been created in spite of the exception.

Afterwards, you cannot start 3653 unless you say “Don’t start the audio engine”, because it will try to load the rec set and throw a null reference exception again.

Anyway, I’ll send the crash report to Brad - this post is only meant as information towards the community.

Interesting. In my case, when troubleshooting this issue I was taking no actions… open C3, let it just sit for a couple minutes, no keyboard input at all, then exit. I got a crash regardless of whether I was using File/Exit, or the shortcut (I think it’s Control + Q), or just X in the window itself. Haven’t had a chance to try anything else, will report back if I learn anything new. Thanks!

@twaw: This, I could not observe. I’ve been using 3653 for weeks now - some days running over 10 hours without exiting/crashing. This allows the assumption that the root cause lies in your setup.
If you’re able to reproduce the crashes, you could try do eliminate the influence of 3rd party stuff like graphics/sound devices and plugins. Therefore, create a minimalistic as possible environment. Select the null audio driver, disable GPU acceleration, startup with an empty (new) song.