Crash on Copy/Paste of Two Plugins between Song Files

I’m getting a repeatable crash when multi-selecting and copy/pasting two plugins between two C4 song files in v4062. The plugins are highlighted in this screenshot:

One plugin is an instance of Cthulhu and the other is an instance of Kontakt loaded with Piano Grandeur (that’s the only sample library loaded.

  • When I copy both of the plugins and paste them into another song file, I’ve gotten two crash exits in a row.

  • When I copy Piano Grandeur first, followed by Darling Cthulhu, all is AOK.

I have sent the two crash reports to @brad by the C4 crash reporter … this post is to provide context and the screenshot.

Hi Clint

Thanks for reporting this. I’ve seen this crash once before but never been able to reproduce it. If you can reproduce it at will, that’s actually good to hear as we should be able to track it down.

Can I get you to send me the two songs you’re copying between and I’ll check it out.

In the meantime, I believe this is related to the wiring view. I’d be interested to hear if it still crashes if you switch to table view in the target song before pasting.


Did some testing:

  • Copying Table View to Table View does not crash.
  • Copying Table View to Wiring Diagram View does crash.

Source song:

zzDarling Cthulhu [E3] Lite.cantabileSong (353.0 KB)

Target song:

CrashTarget.cantabileSong (26.4 KB)

Hi Client,

Can you send me a copy of the Rig rack as well - I think that might be involved.


Here’s my Rig rack (although realize that I was not copying the Rig rack …):

Rig.cantabileRack (881.8 KB)

Hi Clint,

Yep, I realize that. The problem here is one of the wire’s end point connections is missing from an internal mapping table. So it’s something to do with those objects and/or wire connecting to them and/or the other end of the wires connecting them.

Unfortunately, no matter what I do I just can’t reproduce this issue.

Can I get you to send me your settings.json file too (from Tools → Open Settings Folder) and I’ll keep digging.


Settings.json associated with that configuration: (10.3 KB)

Ugh, still can’t reproduce it.

@ClintGoss could you take a look at this video and let me know if there’s anything else I need to do to make this happen. I’m using your settings file, your racks and song files and it seems to copy/paste just fine.

eg: does this happen for you if it’s the first thing you do after loading Cantabile, or are there other preceeding actions required.


The crash happened for me in the past after doing other things, and also as the first thing after loading C4 (after a crash), which I did many times. After reboots. In a pared-down Set List . After a good cup of coffee …

The one difference I can see from your video is that I was using Ctrl-V to paste, which does have a different visible result than (as you did in the video) choosing Paste from the pop-up menu:

  • Ctrl-V positions both plugins in the same relative position as they were in the source song;
  • The [Paste] menu command stacks both plugins on top of one another in the destination song.

However …

I can no longer get C4 to crash with this setup. I’ve tried 2 dozen times. What has changed? The version of C4 is the same, but … well … that machine has not been static. I’ve updated a number of plugins to the latest versions, done a 6-hour rehearsal with lots of recording, and repaired some mis-linked content in Kontakt

That incarnation of Kontakt - referencing The Grandeur samples - may have had mis-linked content in the original … I just can’t determine at this point. Not sure if the mis-linking of samples would cause of a problem with Kontakt just by pasting the plugin into C4 … but … maybe??

Incidentally: I have had very occasional crashes in the Wiring view when moving ports up and down on both the input and output sides. However, nothing was repeatable. This crash during copy-and-paste was repeatable (in the past), even after a fresh boot and re-start of C4.

I can keep trying to reproduce it, but I have already tried a number of variations and I don’t have much hope …

This post should really end with the song “We are Gremlins … from the Kremlin” from the 1944 “Russian Rhapsody” Bob Clampett (Warner) cartoon …

Ugh… everytime I think I might get close to this bug it disappears. Luckily it’s pretty rare.