Crash after 1/2hours

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Hello, i use Cantabile with VOICEMEETER (i love), and with 3 MIDI Periph., APKmini, APCmini, MIDImix (full AKAI), and LoopBE30 (for use MIDI outsite cantabile)

But, after 1 or 2 hours, Cantabile just crash, MIDI send “event” but, on Cantabile, the green “LED” in MONITOR react (normal) but, no MIDI out, and in “MIDI monitor INPUT port”, NO EVENT, and, cantabile just CRASH

Sorry for my english :smiley:

And thanks for your help :wink:

I just carried out tests, changed USB …
So cantabile is not at fault at first sight, when I use TOO much the faders of my APCmini, after a while, the MIDI stops working, and that affects ALL my MIDI devices.

I just need to disconnect / reconnect my APCmini so that everything comes back in order, did you have software or ideas that could help me?

Is it my APCmini that makes everything crash?

At the beginning, we see that my APCmini sends the info (INPUT) but that LM1 does not receive any info

Then, I unplug / reconnect my APCmini, and there, My APCmini sends the info, LM1 too, but after a while, nothing.

What is the most bizarre, Cantabile having access to my APCmini live, when it crashes, the LEDs stop working, it remains in their last state designed, despite the OUTSITE of cantabile