Crackling sound when enabling VST Plugins

I recently started using Cantabile as a VST Plugin host to use with programs like voicemeeter, zoom, discord, etc. I mainly use it to use it with friends.

The problem arose today, as I loaded up the program and added some VSTs to a project, but I started getting crackling sound. I generally don’t mind but this became like lag, making it very tough to tweak the plugins with.

At first, I thought it was voicemeeter or my media players but it seems like the problem occurs when I enable the power button on cantabile.

So far, I have tried tweaking several settings but nothing seems to work. Also, when I open “Options…” the audio is silky smooth though (because it probably doesn’t go through any processes).

You could say the plugins are at fault, but even if I leave 1 or no plugins added and hit the power button, I still get the crackling sound a lot of the time.

I have kind of found a workaround, as when I hit both “scan for plugins” options the annoyance is drastically reduced, but it is still there and annoying.

Any ideas?

Thanks for the read regardlessly :slight_smile: